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The Activity Center rooms, the K-Oaks Clubhouse rooms, and the Grande Pavilion require a paid reservation for use and access.  The remaining Park Pavilions also require a fee for reservation or may be used for free on a first come - first served basis.

Activity Center
2601 American Drive
(fee for rental)
  • Bluebonnet Room
  • Primrose Room

K-Oaks Clubhouse
7000 Bar-K Ranch Road
(fee for rental)
  • Ballroom
  • Johnson Conference Room
  • Dressing Room/Lounge
  • Sunflower Room

Bar-K Park Pavilions
6608 Bar-K Clubhouse Court
  • Grande Pavilion (fee for rental)
  • Pool Pavilion (no fee)
  • Playground Pavilion (no fee)
  • Point Pavilion (no fee)

Pavilion at Cody Park
2507 Cody Avenue
(no fee)

Pavilion at Arrowhead Park
21611 Arrowhead Point
(no fee)


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