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Lago Vista Flood Updates:

In an effort to help keep the community up to date on flood information, we have created a section under our Resources Section titled City of Lago Vista Press Releases.  We will post all press releases we receive for the City here so that the community will have easy access to this important information.

Click here to see the City of Lago Vista Press Releases.

The Lago Vista Property Owners Association is committed to serving our membership and celebrating the unique benefits of our community. The homes and properties that make up our organization are varied and diverse, and all of them share a collective passion for the beauty of our Texas Hill Country.  Our priceless collection of parks, our facilities, our marinas and our dedication to their care is what makes living in Lago Vista, Texas a very special privilege.

Our new website brings together many fresh and exciting tools we are sure our members will find useful, productive and informative. We have endeavored to update many of the tasks previously requiring a visit to our office to simple, user friendly digital versions you can use from the comfort of your home or smart-phone.  Please “stroll” through the pages and uncover or discover the familiar and the new. You will find a wide array of information and services that we are sure will add another dimension to the experience of living in our wonderful community.

As we roll out additional features you can opt in to receive notifications pushed directly to your smart-phone, tablet or inbox. We look forward to feedback from our members.  Click here to access our online form for web site questions and feedback.

Does this sound so inviting that you want to join us? Click here for a list of unimproved lots offered for sale by our members.


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